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Welcome to the Lady Tech Tamer!

If you're ready for solid, professional tech support service for your business, but you're new to the Lady Tech Tamer, you may be wondering "Where do I begin?" To determine your ideal starting point, read the three entrepreneur profiles below to see which one fits you best right now...

Need help with your Website or a specific project?

You’re in the first few years of business and are growing quickly. You know that your web presence is important, and you want a website and product/service launches that are beautiful, professional, work without question and reflect your brand. Although you love what you do, the tech stuff can be overwhelming. You need short-term support on making changes to your website (or building a brand new one!), carrying out a marketing campaign or implementing an upcoming launch.

Are you ready for ongoing technical support?

Your business is established with consistent success and solid income month-after-month. For your business to continue growing, your team needs to grow, too, so that you can continue serving your awesome clients. You need to leverage your time with the right software, the right automation, the right technical systems, and having a tech support team you can trust and rely on.

Is your business ready for professional management and organization?

You have a healthy, consistent income, but you are working entirely too hard with no time to take on more clients or spend time with your family. You need the dedicated support and organization of a business manager. You need someone who can not only orchestrate all of your projects and manage your entire business but who also has the technical knowledge and expertise to get down and dirty in the trenches taking on projects or assisting your support team.


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